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Flameproof / Intrinsically safe Annunciation system

Intrinsically safe Annunciation system

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4 point Annunciation system

8 point Annunciation system


Salient Features

  • This Annunciation system is a combination of intrinsically safe and flameproof technology & it is suitable for Hazardous Area, gas group IIA, IIB, Zone 1 and 2.
  • Fault indication: In big sized windows giving a clear visibility.
  • Audio signal : By inbuilt Intrinsically safe buzzer or by external warning device
  • System type:
  • Fault inputs can be No type or NC type ( potential free inputs).
  • The whole system runs on intrinsically safe power supply and control units kept in flameproof enclosure.
  • Operating voltages: 24 V DC / 24 V AC / 230 V AC.
  • Annunciation windows, Test and Accept Push Buttons are intrinsically safe.
  • System availability: From 4 point system to 30 point system.

Advantages of Flameproof / Intrinsically safe Annunciation system:-

  1. Zero risks and Hazards due to intrinsically safe
  2. Potential free Inputs can be directly taken from any non flameproof or normal device such as level, temp, pressure, flow or any other type of potential free input.
    (Note: - This is one of the most important feature of the system as potential free inputs can be taken directly from normal or non flameproof field device. In case of old and conventional FLP systems, field devices such as temp, flow, level switches etc. are strictly flameproof.)
  3. By using our system, it reduces the total cost of the system to the extent that even the field devices such as level, pressure, temperature switches etc. used for our system can be non flameproof devices.
  4. Due to the intrinsically safe technology, opening and closing of M. S. panel can be easily done. This is not possible in conventional flp system.
  5. Our system allows to attend, maintain, or to change the legend of the intrinsically safe windows even in live condition. This is not possible in conventional flp system.

Note: - This system is a combination of intrinsically safe technology and flameproof technology.
(Flameproof junction box \ boxes used in this system is only meant to incorporate our intrinsically safe power supplies and intrinsically safe control units for the annunciation system.)

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